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Here's the most Frequently Asked Question this week:

Question: What is the #1 cause of data loss?
Answer: Hardware failure (approx 50%) followed by Human Error (approx 30%), Software Corruption, Theft, and Computer Viruses.

Question: I have an anti-virus, how come my computer got infected?
Answer: Malware (including virus, worms, trojan, rootkit, spyware, dishonest adware, crimeware and so on) is driven by the enormous profit potential. There are always new exploits, more clever delivery models and more damaging payloads. Your first defense is an industry standard anti-virus program which is kept current and active.

You also need to keep the Operating System and applications current, apply security patches as soon as they are available and monitor the activity on your computer.

We understand that this can be very time consuming. In response, Your Help Desk has designed our Managed Services program to handle all those tasks for you. Please contact us for more information at 817-589-2050 or review the service here.

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