Special Deals

Your Help Desk will list Special Deals we believe you'll find of interest on this page. Some of them will have a short window of opportunity so if you're interested, you may need to act fast!

If you have a special interest, just let us know and we'll check our sources and get back to you. Simply send an e-mail with the details to: SpecialRequest@YourHelpDesk.com

Following is a list we think you might find interesting.

  • Teux Deux — is a slick, simple, and free online task manager that visually groups your upcoming chores by date, giving you a clear view of what you need to accomplish in the coming week.

  • CutMP3 — lets you upload any song to its music editor and then trim it down to the portion you want for your ringtone. Cost: FREE

  • Librophile — offers a massive library of free audiobooks, ranging from classics to sci-fi to fairly recent fiction.

More to come, check back often!