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If you choose to forward e-mail jokes and other non-business message, you should take steps to protect yourself and those that will receive the forwarded message. The e-mail should be addressed to yourself. Then blind copy (BCC) everyone that you want to see the message.

Why? We all receive message with many other people's e-mail addresses visible in the message, sometimes numbering in the hundreds. If any of those computers get infected with malware, everyone on any message is immediately at greater risk of receiving endless SPAM, as well as having their computer, identity and data compromised. This is true of home computers as well as business computers.

College tuition is a huge investment and the right computer will help your student get the most out of their time and studies! We have listed some important Q&A here that will help you make the right decision when buying a computer for your student.

  • Check the college website and student handbook! Many colleges will list the minimal specifications for a student computer. They will also list any discount programs that they have negotiated for their students and faculty.
  • Read the warranty information carefully! In most cases, the manufacturer's warranty must be serviced at the local store if you purchase from a "big box" store like Best Buy, Wal-Mart or CompUSA. If this store does not have a local outlet close to the college, you will experience delays in service.
  • Identify your "must haves" before shopping! Do you need a notebook or a desktop system? Does it need to have a large screen or be lightweight? If a notebook, what kind of battery life will it need? What OS and productivity software do you want and/or need?
  • Need some help? Your Help Desk will be glad to help you with your purchase! Simply call our office or send an e-mail request to:!

It just seems like the price of printer ink is going up as fast as gas prices, right? Well here's a couple of ways to use less printer ink so it lasts longer.

  • Change the font face from Arial (most popular) to Century Gothic.
    Immediate saving = 30%!
  • Change the resolution from Best (600dpi) to Draft (300dpi) for in-house documents.
    Immediate savings = 50%!
  • Check on-line for discount ink sources. Compare their prices and shipping charges with your local big box office supply store.
  • Return your used ink cartridges for rebates, usually around $3.00 per cartridge.
  • Sign up for rewards programs at your favorite ink supplier!
  • Purchase a cartridge refill kit. Be aware that printer cartridges have a pre-programmed shelf life so you can only refrill them a few times before it expires.

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    Desktop computers:
  • Immediately turn off your computer, disconnect the keyboard and turn it over.
  • While the keyboard is upside down, blot the top with a paper towel, blow compressed air between the keys and leave it to air dry overnight.

  • Notebook computers:
    Laptop spills need more attention because liquid can easily penetrate the keyboard and damage internal parts.
  • spills, immediately turn off the computer and remove any external power source and other items plugged into it.
  • Turn the laptop over, remove the battery, and then bring it to your nearest repair center to check for internal damage.
  • Simply blowing compressed air into the keyboard and letting your computer air dry upside down overnight aren't enough because liquids can sit inside a laptop for days

  • All Spills:
  • Be aware that anything other than plain water may cause severe damage, and never attempt to dry a keyboard or laptop in a microwave or conventional oven

Information provided by Microsoft Corporation.


  • Control A — to Select All of the text and/or graphics on a page, simply press the Control (CTRL) key and the letter A.

  • Control C — to Copy selected text and/or graphics, simply press the Control (CTRL) key and the letter C.

  • Control V — to Paste copied selected text and/or graphics, simply press the Control (CTRL) key and the letter V. You can also Right Click (use your right mouse button) to Paste Special and ignore formatting.

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