Same Day Service

You need your computer all day, ever day! We get it!

Bring your computer in by 10am and, generally, it will be ready to pick up by 5pm. We'll notify you of any change in status throughout the day. Our Service Center works on a first in / first out basis. If we're extremely busy, you can elect to have the work expedited for premium rate.

Alternatively, you can bring your computer in before 6pm and it will generally be ready for pickup at 9am. This after hours service must be prescheduled for an expedited turn around.

Your Help Desk is unique in that we only charge you for "hands on" time. For example, removing malware may actually take 6+ hours of "clock time" while we use industry standard removal tools, clean your system and run related services. However, most of that time does not require us to have our "hands on" the system. So we would only charge you for 1 hour, miminally, or more based on actual hands on time.

See our complete rate sheet here.

Call Your Help Desk today at 817-589-2050 or submit a service request here.